New Smyrna Beach High School Dance Team

About Us

Who are we and what do we offer?

The New Smyrna Beach High School Showdolls have a history of accomplishments. The Showdolls have won many awards including 10 National Championships from UDA Nationals held in Orlando, Florida along with 2 National Championships from the American Open Dance Championship. Showdolls have won other awards earned at NDA nationals and MA competitions.
The Showdoll Dance Team was started by Kelly Conway and now is ran by her daughter Savannah Meiring. Savannah danced 4 years as a Showdoll. The Showdolls hold three annual shows Halloween, Christmas, and Spring, compete at the national level, and perform at many community events. 

Past Wins

New Smyrna Beach High School is home to the award winning varsity dance team, the Showdolls. The Showdolls have won 12 national dance team championships:

1990 Prop:-"Joker's Wild"
1993 Prop - "Hairspray"
1994 Prop - "Orient Express"
1995 Prop - "True Colors (Paint)"
1996 Prop - "On Safari"
1998 Prop - "Vogue"
1999 High Kick - "Prisoner"
2000 High Kick - "Electricity"
2004 Prop - "A Pirate's Life"
2005 Prop - "Live From Mars"
2010 High Kick - "Cirque"
2011 High Kick - "Nerds"

The Showdolls live by the 4 D's

To obey and follow that which is enforced. 
The hunger and want to succeed in ones goals.
Selfless devotion to a goal with complete and whole hearted intentions. 
To be devoted and committed fully to always give 110% and never stop until you achieve your goals.